Inn Nature

Private & corporate and Leisure events

Our service is designed to offer a complete solution for the planning and execution of Private & Corporate, Entertainment Events. Unlike a standard DMC that may only know the larger chain establishments, we have a deep local knowledge of local and exclusive suppliers as well as experience in Marketing to deliver an end to end experience that will impress C-Level, Staff. Our corporate membership programmes are personalized and designed to suit the exact requirements but all include detailed Itinerary Planning, a Dedicated Corporate Assistant manager and full access to our exclusive selection of suppliers and services. We also have options to include fully branded technology solutions such as an Event App and website if required.

our services

Our corporate services include: 

Air travel

We plan your trip until you arrived the Pico Island.

Event Design & Production

Our goal is to provide an experience like no other. Inn Nature provides full service event design and production, from first sketch to final look.


We guarantee transportation throughout the stay.


We keep your items safe during your stay.

Catering services

Whether you are planning a corporate dinner or a catering reception, we provide a wide collection of catering rental equipment and kitchen equipment as well as full event managment.


The Inn Nature designs accommodation comfortably for all visitors, including families and groups of all sizes.


At Inn Nature , each and every aspect of an event is cared by our dedicated team. From the idea to execution, we transform your event by bringing your vision to life.


We organize the most diverse activities and parties within nature.

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